Tips on Preventing iPhone Batteries from Exploding

In recent years there have been reported incidents of iPhones exploding or their batteries malfunctioning.  Even though these seem like isolated incidents there are things people can do to reduce the risk of occurring.  Apple claims to investigate claims of batteries causing injuries or doing other actions such as smoking or ballooning. Users shouldn’t be frightened from using iPhones but it wouldn’t hurt to get more educated on such incidents and how to be safe using your device.  If you have concerns about your device contact your service provider. Here are a few points to consider for users of iPhones and how to reduce risk of injury from their batteries.

Avoid Applying Unnecessary Pressure

This may seem like common sense  but some people may not realize their daily habits are putting their device at risk. For example, many teenagers like to keep their iPhone in their back pocket.  Some may put their phone in their purse. If you put your iPhone in your back pocket don’t sit on it.  Some do cell phone spying app this and think there is nothing wrong with it.  When carrying your phone in your purse try not to have heavy items or objects press against the device.  In either situation you could aggravate the battery due to the additional pressure.  This can lead to a warm or hot battery and for some that repeat the pressure overtime lead to batteries ballooning and expanding, causing the phone to break open.

Avoid Overcharging

When charging your device, make sure to do it based on manufacture instructions.  When the battery is low and you get a notification you need to charge it plug it up and let it charge.  When it reaches 100 percent take it off the charger.  Some people think if they leave plugged with their charger for an extended period of time it will hold a charge longer.  This isn’t necessarily true. If you overcharge your battery over and over again it may not hold a charge as long.  This means you could find yourself charging it up again sooner than later.   There are stories of people leaving their device plugged up for days thinking this will help their battery.  This can lead to overheating the battery and it may not preserve energy at levels it was designed.

Use the Correct Charger

Use the charger that comes with the device.  If you need to purchase another charger make sure it isn’t counterfeit.  There are fake iPhone chargers known to damage devices, cause injury and in some cases death.  A cheap charger may not be made with quality materials to charge a phone correctly.  A fake charger is often found on the black market or sold really cheap through people that are not authorized by Apple to sell authentic accessories. When charging your device pay attention to how long it takes to charge and be sure to remove the charger when completed to preserve the battery.

Additional Information to Know

For the most part, consumers don’t have anything to worry about since such occurrences are rare.  Apple is investigating such incidents that happen while others claim to experience problems with their iPhone batteries (back pocket burn, ballooning battery, battery malfunction, etc.). It is pretty easy to keep your iPhone battery safe when taking care of your device.  Avoid sitting on your device, avoid plugging it in and forgetting about it for a long time and make sure you have the right charger when charging it up.  How phone batteries react can vary depending on the type of iPhone you have and how often it is used.